Our coffee

 M.A.S. Café focuses on importing specialty coffee from our roots down in Colombia to our roots in the United States. As an importer we want to provide transparency in all that we do. Our direct relationship with farmers and producers allows us to deliver clear information to our roasters, baristas, consumers and everyone in between. 

Along with Café Jesus Martín, our coffee producing family in Colombia, we strive to provide high quality coffee from nano-lots and micro-lots in Quindio, Antioquia, Magdalena, and other regions in our beautiful coffee producing country, Colombia.

All of our coffees have been personally cared for from the moment the seed was planted until the very last ripe cherry is picked off the tree. Coffee pickers are paid a premium for their care and dedication to diligently pick only the best cherries. Farmers are compensated in greater ways than monetary and are given the tools to properly perform. Everyone throughout the chain is considered part of a family with a shared vision for success.