Bust, Bust, Goose

Happy New Year! (I'm not sure what the appropriate date is to stop saying that). So, I'll keep saying it until it becomes really awkward. 

I'd say we're still pretty new at this 2017 thing. A lot of us are still in the same daily routines, same friends, same job, same favorite coffee spot, etc. It's not really about being "different." It's not about "change" and whether or not you've already made improvements or anything significantly "new" barely 2 weeks into 2017. It's about consistency. Trial and error. Staying the course. Being better than yesterday, not just than last year. 

In 2016, we started directly importing & distributing green coffee from our family in Colombia, and if I had a penny for every time I said that in the previous years, I would probably no longer need to import coffee from my family in Colombia. We have since then added 4 roasters to the family. We also opened up a pop-up cafe at a resort in Weston. After months of trying to sell coffee from a corner of the lobby during the off season, we decided to move into our warehouse in Dania Beach, where we were storing the coffee sacks, and focus on special events. We held a few events in the warehouse as well as attended the grand openings of other businesses who we offered our services to. All successes and great times. 

We've realized, though, that the past several months have served as an experience, a learning curve, and a test of our resilience. Although all the results we were hoping for and the goals we were hoping to hit haven't been reached, we're staying the course. And I must say if all else fails, we all have degrees in something. 

So, we haven't "made it" yet. Our losses show vigorously on the spreadsheets, while our projections for 2017 remain at a high incline. The plan was and continues to be to share great coffee. Tell a story. Help people understand the concept of direct trade, seed to cup, specialty, and quality service. 

We've gotten yet another opportunity to show our resilience. And though we have not yet succeeded, we sure as hell have learned that without the struggle, we'd never push for the light at the end of the tunnel. We've been knocking on doors and knocking out windows (literally and figuratively) in search of light, still building on the same dream with a new address. We're so excited for the chance to open up shop, like an actual cafe (not just a table set up from ikea and 5 gallon water jugs). I'm sure one day it'll make a great story, "The Great Struggles of M.A.S. Before Being MORE Than Ever Imagined." Boom, already have the title for the blog post in 2022. But like for real, M.A.S. Café, coming soon. 

We'll be opening M.A.S. Café in such a cool community. Our neighbors are super sweet and we're stoked to be able to share a little part in bringing this community together.
MASS District- 818 NE 4th Avenue, to be exact, we coming!  COMING SOON; the space designated for hanging out, meeting friends, reading a book, shopping, art work, telling stories, and drinking great coffee. 

To those of you who believe in the hustle, gracias. To those who just recently discovered M.A.S., welcome to the madness. We love you all

We'll be announcing an opening date next week! Stay tuned. 

Follow the process --> #MASinMASS

818 NE 4th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 | marcela@mascafe.co | 954.552.3436 | Hi

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