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Hey friends! Hallo freunde! Ahoj! Hej! 

I am excited to share some stories with you all from my most recent trip to Europe. I got to explore a few countries I had not been to before and was able to create, learn, and appreciate new ideas to bring back "home." While I was abroad, I was thinking of how special every encounter with coffee is to me. Here's why:

Coffee homes in Europe:
I call them homes because they each are a place in which something in me flourishes; an idea, a concept, or a new taste, which originated at each coffee 'home'.
Each time I visit a new place, I sit and look around and I really take in all my surroundings. I look at the people and how they interact. I take in the details and the aesthetics. Each place is unique in its own way, and that's what I truly enjoy.

Also, meeting people. I love meeting new people and I mean is there really a better way to meet people than over a cup of coffee? I'm the girl that didn't listen to my parents when they told me to "not talk to strangers." It has served me well actually. I have had great luck and have met some really awesome "strangers." 
Since the growing of my passion for coffee, I have visited 11 European countries where I have had the privilege to indulge in specialty coffee homes, which have each brought something to my life, my coffee life. Most of the times it's positive contributions, sometimes it's lessons learned (like to always keep the bathroom tidy). In addition, I have also been to two of the largest growing coffee countries, Brazil and Colombia. But that's a whole other post. ;)

I love coffee so much. Mostly because of the experiences it brings to my life:
The conversations I've had over coffee with brilliant creative minds. A few times I have spoken with two individuals who are inventors. It so happened to be that they were in the midst of developing an espresso machine that had all these specific technicalities that seemed to be a very exciting project I was highly interested in. I would often see them around town, even in other coffee homes and each time we greeted each other like we've been long lost friends. I love it.

The books I've stumbled upon. I love a good book. In Salzburg, Austria at a coffee home called Kaffee Alchemie, I found a book called 52 Cups of Coffee. This book was about a girl who didn't know what she wanted to do after she was done with school so she set out to have a coffee a week with a stranger. She wanted to meet people, to extend herself in the life of others until she finally figured out what she wanted to do. I sat there thinking "I can totally be best friends with this girl."
The pictures. Latte art is a nice picture. But then there's Tricafe, in Prague. Here, one of the walls was decorated with pictures drawn by children (most drawn better than I can). It was beautiful and they filled the cafe with a feeling of joy and warmth.
The memories.
The delicious pastries that I can't ever say no to because coffee and cake go great together.
I also love being able to share all of my coffee endeavors as well as hear all of yours. Below are some pictures of cafes I visited on my most recent trip to Europe. If you ever find yourself in one of these cities you can check these out or if you have any suggestions, stories, or comments I'd love to hear all about it! :)

First stop right off the plane was Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. An 8 and a half hour flight to Europe was rapidly cured by this small and cozy coffee home where the sweetest barista suggested places to visit one of which was a restaurant that we loved so much we ate there 3 times. 

Next stop: Amsterdam, but first, COFFEE. Coffee Company became a 'home' during my time in Amsterdam for 3 reasons: 

  1. I found it during a time of need and desperation (for a cup of coffee that is). 
  2. It was inviting. The colors, the music, the people (really cute barista dude caught my eye), and of course the name got my attention. 
  3. Then, when I tried it for the first time I thought "oh yeah, this is good. This is real good." And each time after I got the same feeling. 

Prague, Czech Republic, is stunning in such a unique way. From the language to the architecture Prague was an amazing experience. Like in all the cities I go to, I look up cafes to visit. In Prague, I found this cafe in a book while I was souvenir hunting. TriCafe is a coffee home located near the Charles bridge. Now, it was not the easiest place to find. We went down a few of the wrong alley ways and asked a couple of people for directions just to get to this one but it was totally worth it. This is the one I mentioned had a wall of children art, which was behind me in the picture I took to the right. If you find yourself in Prague one day, visit TriCafe.

"If you didn't try sachertorte, you were not actually in Austria." As you may know, cake and coffee make a great combo. So I went to the Sacher Hotel in Vienna and I ordered myself and sachertorte and a cappuccino. What I loved most about my experience was the story of Sacher and the secret recipe, the elegance it protryaed, and the service. However, unlike my mother, who insisted it was delicious, maybe she prefers the cacao bean over the coffee bean...the sachertorte didn't really satisfy my pallet. Everyone likes different things and it's always good trying something new. Hotel Sacher is beautiful, though. 

In Salzburg, Austria, I happen to stumble upon this gem, Kaffee Alchemie. This place had it all including coffee from Huila, a Colombian region. Kaffee Alchemie was small, had space for about 5 people to sit comfortably inside and an outside seating by the window for two people. However, despite the size, Kaffee Alchemie was filled with books from around the world in all different languages. It made me want to learn another language just so I can read them because they all seemed so interesting. The coffee was good. Again, I got a cappuccino because it's my favorite and I can't pass on a capp when I know it's going to be super tasty. Unique places like these, small but with so much character, allow me to appreciate coffee and the processes it goes through in order to create these unforgettable moments. 

I have learned that the world of coffee has it's own language, which we all share.
The fact that it has brought us together right now. And of course rewarding my pallet with an exquisite taste. 

Stay posted for more stories, travels, and progress in the life of M.A.S. Café via Twitter and Instagram! :) 

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