Story Time

Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. Hallo. Olá. Hallå. Hej. 

Welcome to the life of M.A.S. Café. First, allow me to tell you a little bit about M.A.S. 

M  arcela (sister, daughter, friend, romantic, barista, coffee enthusiast, marketer) 
A  lejandro (brother, eldest of 3, know-it-all, World Cup athlete, business man, investor)
S  antiago (brother, middle child, goofball, killer left foot, intelligent mind, MBA candidate)

Missing in this acronym is A+J. Adriano and Julieta, the parents of this wonderful trio, of my brothers and me. They are the reason a dream, -M.A.S. Café, has become a reality. Behind the scenes of M.A.S. Café is the union of a family who believes in offering the best service, highest quality products, and utmost experience for each and every person involved.

There is another meaning, though. MAS in spanish is more and café is coffee. More Coffee. Substitute M.A.S. with "family or love" -Family Café. Love Café. More love, more coffee, more smiles, and a lot more fun. It's a concept I want to transmit to anybody who gets the chance to experience M.A.S. Café -do more, be more. Of course, we all know coffee helps get things done.  

Stay posted for more stories and more updates on M.A.S. Café!

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