CACAO Hunters-Colombia; Chocolate Box of 3

CACAO Hunters-Colombia; Chocolate Box of 3


We are all about sharing stories and creating moments. 

"We the people of Aracataca, cherish the fertile land which has sustained our families. Our indigenous and caribbean heritage has woven generations of colorful stories. As we watch the sun rise through the cacao tree each morning, we continue writing the stories of our children, who will carry on the magical craft of cacao cultivation." - Cacao Hunters 

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74% Perla Negra
3% Rio de Oro
72% Arhuacos
71% Magdalena
70% Tumaco
70% Arauca
64% Sierra Nevada
52% Sierra Nevada- Milk Chocolate

*With each purchase you are directly helping preserve a rich heritage of cacao cultivation and ensure a fair income and sustainable practices in Colombia's cacao communities.* 

Peep more info on the beautiful project of CACAO Hunters here:

cacao mass, sugar, cocoa butter. may contain traces of milk. 
net weight: 28g

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