Finca Santa Ana- Quindio

Finca Santa Ana- Quindio


Family Favorite. Feels like home. Produced in the farm where our families grew up, enjoyed celebrations, and still gather together to share special moments. 

Our goal is to close the gap between producer and consumer. Our coffee is imported directly from our family in Quimbaya, Quindio, Colombia and is roasted locally by SwitchBox Coffee Roasters in Oakland Park, FL. Our story continues to be told through the new relationships we make by sharing our family's coffee, allowing others to hear our story and create a new one together.  

Producer: Noel Bedoya
State: Quindio
Town: Quimbaya
Farm: Santa Ana
Altitude: 1450m
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Taste: Orange peel, nuts, butter, grapefruit

WHOLE bean coffee. If you would like it ground, please send us an email or leave a comment.  

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